One more!

Think I’m getting ready to be comfortable this Winter.


Just simple embroidered lines on off white cotton.


This has been a glorious Fall;  vivid, golden and long drawn out.  But, thankfully the work doesn’t end for those of us with itchy fingers.  I’m looking forward to Winter.  I love the snow and the heavy dark nights.  The dye pots that have been sitting in the basement all Summer are ready to be…

Winter Birds

Step One:  Rescue vintage ceiling tins.  Rusty, … great!  Nail holes and character?  … Just what I want. Step Two:  Reimagine.   Remake.   Cut.   File.  Paint.  Sand. Step Three:  Sell them at places you love. Lakewinds Co-op (Richfield, Minnetonka and Chanhassen), Digs Studio and Doodlebird Designs (both in South Mpls).

New Year.

I’ve never liked resolutions.  It’s inevitable that I’ll fall back on all my bad habits.  This year, just a promise.

Black Friday

  I’m grateful that I don’t have to work on Black Friday.  I’m also grateful for friends and family and the fact that I can stay at home, drink coffee and read my book. Next weekend is the Winter Market, where I’ll be drinking coffee, hanging out with old friends and finding unique, homemade gifts!…

Busy Bee

Two weeks away from the Winter Market.  Went to visit the space this morning and am so excited to start setting up.  How ridiculous is it that I love moving things around and making them look just right?  I’ve been working really hard making new product and taking care of details. Hope your calendars are…

Bye Bye

This guy is moving to a new home in St. Paul.. can’t tell you where, it’s a Christmas present.  It was the latest blue ribbon winner at the State Fair.  Been thinking about making a companion piece.  I think of it as a blueberry pattern, maybe the next one should be strawberries or cherries?  On…

Day One: Finding a home

I don’t know who this little girl is… but, I love her.  It looks like she’s standing in the ocean, waves are swirling around her knees, she’s holding her paper parasol and bubbling with happiness.  Where did her life take her?  Was she a great adventurer, a lion tamer?  I hope so.  But, she found…